Why does the USB external device slow down under Windows 10 system?

Category : Specification / Capacity / Performance
On account of the earlier design, if you wish to remove your USB flash drive, it is best to safely remove the hardware to ensure the data security of the flash drive.

There is a mechanism on Windows 10, known as “quick removal”, which allows you to remove your USB flash drive at any time (as long as it is not halfway through the process of reading and writing data). For all Windows 10 systems released after Version 1809 (updated in October 2018), this function has been set as default.

On Windows systems, there are two possible means to access the USB flash drive:

One is under the "Better Performance" mode, which allows your drive to read and write data at a faster speed, but it must be removed by clicking on the icon" Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media ".

The other mode is known as "quick removal". This mode does not require clicking on the icon "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" to remove your drive but the disadvantage is that the data reading speed would be slower.
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